Inspiration 7i Flagship Ventilator

The Inspiration® 7i Ventilator Series is highly versatile and designed with the clinician in mind. Our patented Swiss pneumatic design allows high performance PSOL valves to provide outstanding breath delivery to infant through adult patients. We offer one of the most comprehensive platforms on Inspiration ventilators, including—as standard—Heliox delivery, battery power, built-in compressor, volume targeted modes, APRV (SPAP), noninvasive ventilation, and auto-weaning modes. Inspiration ventilators feature an intuitive and easy-to-learn, comprehensive graphical user interface with user configurable screens. Ideal Body Weight start-up settings gives the clinician a quick and safe initiation to ventilation.
The Flagship model contains all the available features in a single package. It includes SBT mode, Recruitment Maneuvers, Suction Support, Tube Compensation, and VCO2 & EtCO2 Monitoring. The large 17’ tilt/swivel Adjustable Monitor with bright LED touch screen offers adaptive and flexible Graphic User Interface, which enables monitoring multiple graphic information continuously and simultaneously. The Flagship package is designed for sophisticated clinicians to seamlessly manage and utilize its rich features at the most competitive cost and efficiency.
With proven reliability, the Inspiration offers one of the best warranty periods, as a standard, along with one of the lowest costs of ownership in the industry.


eVolution 3e Essential Ventilato

The eVolution® 3e Essential Ventilator is a new paradigm in ventilator design. Dual PSOL valves ensure the precise flow, volume and pressure delivery for your sickest patients—true ICU ventilator care—while the innovative turbine design means you can deliver this ICU equivalent care wherever and whenever you need it. The ventilator can receive O2 input from either a high or low pressure gas source, giving the eVolution precision and versatility throughout the continuum of ventilator care.
A full suite of modes gives the clinician the flexibility to choose the mode that best suits the patient’s needs.


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