Minor Surgical and Examination Lighting - Astralite plus

Higher Intensity

Astralite plus provides 100,000 lux or 60,000 lux of intense bright light at 1m providing ample light for even the most demanding procedure.

Larger Illuminated Area

A large illuminated area of 195mm diameter makes it easy to illuminate large areas of tissue and to target the light on to the wound.

Deeper Cavity Illumination

The beams of light from Astralite plus have a focus depth of 970mm to penetrate into deep cavities.

Higher Colour Rendition

Astralite plus reproduces all of the visible colours naturally and accurately. The high Ra>94 describes the exceptionally high quality of white light whilst the high R9>92 measurement describes how it accurately illuminates red tissue.


Astramax HD-LED

Astramax HD-LED is a state of the art operating theatre light launched by Brandon Medical. The aim of the development of Astramax was to bridge the gap between the biggest operating theatre lights and smaller minor operating lights. Astramax carries all of the advantages of HD-LED technology including:

Full Spectrum Colour Rendition

The only surgical lighting with near perfect colour rendition across the full visible spectrum. Natural white light picks out all the visible colours for your eyes so you can clearly see without eye strain.

Fat Beam Illumination

More light flux provides the biggest beams of light in the business, bigger illuminated fields and more light across the full width of the illuminated area.

Red Balance Control

The highest R9 red colour rendition of any product provides the optimum visualisation of red tissues. Red balance enhancement compensates for our natural weakness in distinguishing shades of red.


Coolview® CLED23

Brandon Medical's Coolview CLED23 provides uncompromising lighting performance for the clinician. Its high intensity performance and colour corrected light reduces eye strain making the focus of the examination vivid and the tissues can be easily identified. The CLED23 is a perfect light for dermatology, ENT, Gynaecology and sensitive areas such as neonatal and ICU departments.

Highest Light Quality

CLED23 emits 60,000 lux of intense bright light at 0.5m providing a pool of clear light during procedures. The light intensity settings can be altered through 4 easily selectable settings providing a suitable level of intensity for all procedures.

Sanitized® for Lasting Protection

The CLED23 uses an anti-microbial active substance which is moulded into the lamp head inhibiting the growth of micro organisms including MRSA. This is more than an external coating and allows the lamp to be permanently resistant to contamination.

Colour Control Settings

CLED23 allows the user to adjust the colour temperature of the light source. This enhances the clinician's ability to recognise and distinguish tissue conditions. The warm white (3,500°K) setting is ideal for dermatological examinations and the daylight white setting (4,500°k) is ideal for the recognition of blood vessels.

Spring Balanced Positioning

Innovative spring-balanced arm system ensures the light is positioned effortlessly and remains fixed in place. Ceiling mounted models (CLED23T1C) have unrestricted 360°C rotation about the ceiling pole.

Unrestricted 360° Rotation

The Coolview CLED23 lamp head boasts 360° rotation. This allows the user to position the light beam to suit any procedure without restricting stops and twisted cables.


Operating Theatre Lights - Quasar® eLite

Near Colour Rendition with Red Balance Control

For the best visulisation during surgery.

Fat Beam Technology

The largest light beams of any current product.

Unique Comfort Halo

A soft halo of light to reduce eye strain from high contrasts of light intensity.

Designed to Minimise Infections

Easy to clean, sealed light head, remote controls and anti-microbial coatings.

HD-SDI Camera “Inside”

Integrated cameras are fully enclosed inside the light head for cleanlinessand reduced cost.


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