The HEYER ECONA Anesthesia System offers a variety of innovative features, patient safety and user comfort elements.

Its compact, cute and space saving design concept makes ECONA even suitable for small ORs without any compromises in handling and operating.

A Tidal Volume starting from 20 mL makes it fit for a wide range of patients - from pediatrics to adult.

Various contemporary ventilation modes ensures the right adoption to the individual needs of the patient.

HEYER ECONA includes an electronic PEEP function and a 5 tubes Flowmeter for O2, N2O and AIR.

The 8.0 inch TFT color screen and the simple structured user interface ensure an easy and convenient operation and give detailed information about the patient status and all relevant parameters.

ECONAs Patient Module with its highly integrated absorber is simple to detach and ready for convenient sterilization.

Optional available are functions and features like:

  • Anesthesia Agent and CO2 module
  • Auxiliary oxygen flowmeter
  • Active AGSS system deal with exhaust gas and reduce pollution, providing more safety protection.



HEYER Medical’s new anesthesia system Pasithec fully featured and simple to use.

The modular construction concept fulfills all individual situations in OR's.

It offers:

  • Comprehensive ventilation modes
  • Minimal tidal volume of 20 ml makes it fit for pediatric use
  • Heated patient module to avoid moisture buildup
  • Display of Loops

The new Pasithec is a cost-effective, flexible anesthesia workstation for performing and monitoring inhalation anesthesia. Low-flow techniques minimize gas and anesthetic agent consumption for economical day-to-day operation.

HEYER Pasithec naturally complies with the highest standards in ergonomic design, safety and easy operation and reliable respiratory settings.

The Pasithec is also available in a version with 4 PIN Index connectors to adapt 4 supply cylinders (2x O2 and 2x N2O) and is equipped with 4 gauges to indicate the pressure of the cylinders.


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